Luxury Estates International (LEI) is always looking for new and inventive ways to showcase luxury properties. As part of its ongoing efforts to maximize inventive marketing strategies, the upscale real estate brokerage is now offering schematic floor plans for its listings. It’s just another step by LEI in making the sale of a luxury home as convenient as possible for every client.

Each floor plan is easily accessible within the online listing. Click on the “Floor Plan” tab and immediately pull up the bird’s eye layout of the property. Whether a luxury high-rise or a lavish estate, the schematic floor plan will offer the measurements, dimensions and room labels for each residence in an easy-to-read black-and-white design. It’s a user-friendly way to get a quick 2D overview of a property, crafted accurately with data collected directly from LEI. The floor plan can be enlarged, downloaded and/or printed in full as a PDF file.

Luxury Estates International continues to take customer service standards to their highest levels in the world of luxury real estate by expertly devising innovative marketing strategies and utilizing modern technology in a comprehensive fashion. The schematic floor plans serve as an extremely helpful tool in choosing a home or planning how to effectively manage the space of specific rooms.

Visit Luxury Estates International online and see for yourself how easy it can be to visually absorb the features of an in-demand luxury property.