The secret is out. Homes aren’t just getting better, they’re also getting smarter. Technology is changing how we live with new products and services offering more convenience than ever before. At the recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, attendees got a firsthand look at the futuristic way some companies are bringing a new level of luxury living to your home.

Aurora Nanoleaf

Billed as “living paint,” the Aurora Nanoleaf is a triangle-shaped LED panel that can be attached to a wall (or ceiling) and used in a variety of patterns to suit your preferred design. Each one lights up according to the brightness and color level dictated by an app on your smartphone. A starter kit comes with nine panels.


This simple device makes any standard set of window blinds instantly “smart.” It snaps onto the manual mechanism that typically controls the blinds. Once in place, you can open and close them with a smartphone app. You can even set a pre-programmed sequence so the blinds will automatically adjust to specified preferences throughout the day. In other words, never worry about fumbling with your window blinds again.


You’ll soon have more than just a washer and dryer in your laundry room. The FoldiMate actually folds clothes for you! The machine comes with several rows of clips on the outside. Just hang up your clothes and the FoldiMate will not only fold each one individually, but also steam out the wrinkles and add a fresh scent.


The goal of this system is to reduce the clutter and complexity that comes with smart home technology. NuBryte consolidates multiple features (air conditioning, lights, security, etc.) and controls them with simple interfaces, whether on your phone or a wall-mounted screen. Much of the technology is anticipatory and adaptive, including lights that come on when someone walks into a room or dim when bedtime draws near.

Fotric 123

Convenience is great, but safety is even more important. That’s where Fotric 123 comes into play. This infrared thermal camera has the ability to detect the threat of an electrical fire before it actually breaks out, and sends a warning alert to your smartphone. This device acts first, before a smoke alarm or sprinkler, and could be a lifesaving addition to your home.

These are just a few examples of how technology is making the thrill of owning a home even more exciting and beneficial. Expect some of these concepts to become commonplace in the very near future.