Spring is traditionally a big season for home sales, so if you plan to list a property, it’s crucial to be aligned with a team of seasoned experts who know how to close a sale for more money in less time.

Luxury Estates International (LEI) has seen record-breaking growth by offering industry-leading style and service, while taking a few extra steps to keep both buyers and sellers happy.

Worldwide Target Marketing

LEI goes the extra mile with its own in-house marketing team, using only experienced professionals to reach a highly-targeted pool of potential buyers around the world. Strict attention-to-detail is given to every aspect of marketing and selling a luxury property, from having the very best photos in the industry to utilizing 3D tours and other new forms of technology.

The World of Pro Sports

Between drafts, trades and expansion teams, pro athletes are constantly on the move. When relocating from one city to another, efficiency is key – especially with a new season always right around the corner. LEI works with SportsStar Relocation, a resource designed to help athletes find new homes easily, to make sure moving is as convenient as possible for those who prefer to stay focused on competition and winning championships.

Thinking Globally

Foreign investors are turning to the American real estate market in growing numbers. That means international demand for luxury properties is hotter than ever. Thanks to a partnership with Asian social media platform Caimeiju, LEI ensures its listings are seen in overseas markets like China, where common search engines aren’t always available.

Connecting Online

LEI knows how to harness the power of the web. By masterfully adapting SEO (search engine optimization) techniques, the company’s home websites show up first in Google searches for certain keywords connected to luxury real estate sales.

Results, Results, Results

The numbers speak for themselves. When it comes to property listings worth $1 million and up, LEI- Las Vegas was able to secure 25 percent more of the original asking price and sell 68 days faster than the market average.

Why choose anyone else? Luxury Estates International is the right choice for marketing, listing and selling your property.